Bab Ul Hawaij Islamic Centre is an Imambargah and a non-profit organization created to execute the requirements of our community and fulfill the growing needs of the Shias. Our goal is to serve and bring together the shi’ites in Toronto, in preparation of the coming of our 12th Imam. Our goal is to set up an Imambargah in order to further develop a supportive and prosperous community. The Imambargah is a place of peace and unity where we all may gather in order to give condolences in the time of mourning and sadness, and give blessings upon the progeny of the Prophet (PBUH) in times of happiness. Our aspiration is not only to bring the community together but also to provide you with a place of purity for worship and prayer in all times.

Bab Ul Hawaij Islamic Centre was established by a group of people who believe in the fundamental principles such as justice, equity, peace, prosperity, fairness, freedom, and unity; which were preached and practiced constantly by our first Imam(A.S.) and the ones(A.S) that succeeded him(A.S). Bab Ul Hawaij’s property was bought through the financial support and tremendous efforts of its members, and various momineen and mominaat. It is by the support of the community that the walls of Bab Ul Hawaij stand so sternly. Vested in the interest of future generations to come we bought a permanent place.

It is due to your prayers, Allah (SWT), the guidance of the Imam (A.S.) of our time, and the Ahlul Bait (A.S.) that the base of Bab Ul Hawaij stands secure, indissoluble, firm, and strong. With your prolonged support we may build layers and layers of justice and righteousness in preparation of our Imam (A.S.).


The Executive Committee.


Executive Committee

Iqbal Rizvi
Nasim Naqvi
Shabbir Ali Zaidi
Naushaba Kazmi


Baqar Kazmi
Shabbir Ali Zaidi


Gauhar Raza
Shahid Jaffery
Syed Asim Raza
Hussain Rizvi

Commissioner of Oaths

Dr. Hasan Shaeba Rizvi

Nikkah - Islamic Marriage

Dr. Hasan Shaeba Rizvi