Zainabia Academy

Established in 2013. Zainabia Academy Sunday School offers a combination of Islamic Studies and Quranic Reading. We empower students to understand the fiqh, stretch their imagination, strengthen their faith and become the followers of Imam-e-Zamaana(A.S). Zainabia Academy has completed many successful sessions over the previous years and is still striving towards excellence.

Located in and managed by Bab Ul Hawaij Islamic Centre, Mississauga has students from all over GTA. Our courses include Deeniyat and Quran which is divided into 10 levels. Accepting students from age 5-16. Our subjects cover various aspects of Fiqh, Ahkam, Tarikh, Akhlaq and Tafseer of Quran. We have some of the best teachers spreading their knowledge to the next generation.

Zainabia Academy Sunday Islamic School has a comprehensive program in which students learn many important areas of Ithna-Ashari Islamic studies such as:

  • Fiqh of Ahlulbayt(A.S)
  • Ahkam ul Quran
  • Tareekh of Anbiya(A.S) & Masomeen(A.S)
  • Akhlaq & Islamic Etiquettes
  • Quran memorization with word for word translation
  • Tafseer of important Quranic surahs
  • Salah with proper actions and pronunciation
  • Du’a & Azkaar memorization
  • Special presentations on topics of Wudhu, Salah & Bulughah
For Ages 5 - 16
Every Sunday
10:15 AM - 1:30 PM
Ali Kamran Jafri
647 526 7299
Amber Fatima Jafri
647 740 1267
Vice Principal
Safia Moosvi
905 407 5242
Office In-charge
Mehfuza Tohfafarosh
647 838 9211
Head of Deptartment(Deeniyat)
Shaeba Rizvi
Head of Deptartment(Quran)
Amber Fatima Jafri