Marriage (Nikkah) is a highly valued institution in Islam and is seen as a means of finding companionship, building a family, and fulfilling one’s religious duties. It is also viewed as an important means of maintaining social stability and promoting love and compassion within society. It is a sacred bond that is meant to last a lifetime and is a central aspect of Islamic faith and practice.

Nikkah ceremonies are conducted as per the Islamic Laws of Fiqa Jafferia of the Shia Ithna Ashari Islamic Faith

Nikkah - Islamic Marriage Services

Bab Ul Hawaij Islamic Centre is a registered religious body with the Office of the Registrar General Ontario (Registration No. 9656). We are authorized to solemnize Nikkah (Islamic marriages) within the Province of Ontario in accordance with the Marriage Act.

Dr. Hasan Shaeba Rizvi (Registration No. 71425) is a registered Religious Marriage Officiant, legally authorized to solemnize Islamic marriages and to complete the necessary paperwork and register marriages on behalf of the Bab Ul Hawaij Islamic Centre in the Province of Ontario.

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