Ghusl e Mayyat

We are very pleased to announce, the management of Bab Ul Hawaij Islamic Centre has completed all required formalities of compliance for a Ghusl Khana (facility to wash dead bodies) and transportation.

The Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO) has issued Transfer Service Operator – Class 2 (Restricted) licence for Bab-Ul-Hawaij Islamic Centre. The licence number is 1514

This is an obligatory, well organized and enormous achievement of the Bab Ul Hawaij Islamic Centre to be the first organization to establish such a facility in Mississauga for the Shia community of GTA west area.

The management is grateful, thankful, appreciative, and obliged to:

  • All members and donors who supported BHIC for last ten years. This made it possible to acquire freehold building at 1893 Bonhill Road.
  • All volunteers who worked day and night to build the ghusl facility.
  • All donors who provided financial support for ghusl facility.

Our goal is to provide the loved ones and family of the deceased with the convenience of calling one number only for the entire process of release of the body, washing, shrouding and transporting the body to the desired mosque for funeral prayers and further transportation to graveyard. This facility will welcome any muslim who wishes to obtain these services. Our utmost preference would be to make this process seamless and flawless, in order to facilitate heartbroken family members.

The services will also be available after the normal working hours i.e. after 3:00 PM during the week and also on the weekend (Saturday & Sunday). It is important to note that funeral services require a great deal of organization, management, preparation and coordination, which are but not limited to:

  • Release of the body of deceased
  • Cold Storage, if required.
  • Registration of death
  • Securing burial permit
  • Coffin (box) and kafan (shroud)
  • Transportation of body to desired mosque (for funeral prayers)
  • Salatul Ma’iyaat (funeral prayer)
  • Transportation to the cemetery
  • Preparation for burial
  • The burial religious ritual

Our objective is to provide effective collaborations of volunteers to ensure smooth and hassle free experience for everyone who wishes to acquire our services.

We would like to request all mo’mineen and mo’minaat irrespective of their attachment with the centres in GTA West to please come forward and register as a volunteer. We must stress that though the services are provided under the umbrella of Babul Hawaij Islamic Centre, we would like to assure that services pertaining to the funeral will be quite independent from the operational standpoint.

Our sincere hope is that these services are seen as a landmark achievement. As always, your suggestions are very welcome and we look forward to taking the community services to the next level.